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Website Design and Brand Refresh

Many companies can feel intimidated jumping into a brand refresh. Evolving a brand identity is as essential a part of running a company as growing profits, and market share. The biggest companies in the world have evolved their brand to keep up with all the changes in their respective markets. Communication between the designer and the company throughout the process is key to a successful refresh.

Every industry and marketplace goes through changes. In 1917, Edward Eugene Hollingsworth moved to Savannah, Georgia from Rex, Georgia and opened Hollingsworth Auto Service. 100 years later, Hollingsworth Auto Service is a thriving family business known by Savannahians for generations as the best automotive body repair shop in town. The upcoming 100 year anniversary made the decision to undergo a brand refresh especially relevant.

Company Heritage

To celebrate the history of this family business we were given access to years of shop photos. Most noteworthy, we found examples of original typography and sign design. This resulted in updating the logo design with Trade Gothic Bold Condensed to reflect the typography found in the photos. We also worked on evolving the Hollingsworth shield. This design resulted in a clean logo mark that still has its roots in the original brand. Using the new brand, we updated brand elements, collateral, signage and social media to help Hollingsworth Auto begin it’s next 100 years. Finally, we created a completely redesigned responsive website for a strong online presence and a stronger platform for digital marketing.

Website Design

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