Zach Kozdron Graphic Art is here to bridge the gaps of communication and stutters of representation through authentic and creative design. We believe that design, like most art, is subjective, but effective design cannot exist without some effort and a little collaboration.

We will develop your brand into one that is not merely eye-catching, but thought-provoking and motivational. We work with you to develop a design and brand unique to your and yours, and it will be one that creates instant, positive impact. To get an idea of exactly what we’re talking about, check out some of our branding work here.

While it’s important to stand out from the crowd, it’s even more important to remain relevant, and that is what a website created by Zach Kozdron Graphic Art will do for you. We create websites that draw people in, but more importantly, we keep them coming back, thanks to responsive design and easy navigability. 

Sometimes, words just aren’t enough, and sometimes, they’re just too much. Whether you want a watercolor illustration or a hand-drawn design, we can do it–we are not restricted by mediums. When all you want to say is everything and nothing, allow us to illustrate your point; check out some of  Zach’s illustration work here

My Process

The first and most vital step of the process, “understanding” applies to all involved in the process, including you. Specifically, we will gather valuable information through independent research and by listening to you–your thoughts, expectations, and needs for the design that is to be formed.

Once we have completed our research and applied it to what information we have gathered by listening to what you have to say, we move on to the step of “visualizing.” This is the first step of development–the concept of your design is beginning to take on specific dimensions, but it is not yet definitive. 

The final step is “execution.” Your design has been carried through this process to be imagined, then developed, and then created. The design is no longer nebulous, but rather defined and representative of what you first expressed to us during the “understanding” process. 

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Do You Have a Project? An Idea?


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