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Restaurant Branding.

To call the restaurant industry competitive would be an epic understatement. It’s difficult, requires huge sacrifice and it’s not for everyone. The number of restaurants out there is huge and creating a successful and noticeable restaurant branding demands innovation and creativity combined with a marketing strategy that is representative of the business and potential clients.

For Sorry Charlie’s Oyster Bar, we created a visual brand balancing several elements. We integrated a map of the costal barrier islands into custom screen printed boards to display the menus, coasters and a large interior wall graphic. We also worked with a historic sign structure that needed to be repaired and updated as well as follow Historic District guidelines. The refurbished sign is now again a visual centerpiece in downtown Savannah. In addition to the restaurant branding we also manage special event marketing such as charity oyster roasts and maintain social media accounts and direct mail marketing lists.

At Zach kozdron Graphic Art we approach restaurant branding with a focus rooted in strategy based on research, knowledge, and expertise. It’s not just design for design sake — it’s design with a purpose. We have the experience and expertise to guide restaurant teams in creating a new restaurant concept, executing a brand and creating marketing strategies that will connect and grow.

Restaurant Branding

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