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Many companies can feel intimidated jumping into a brand refresh. Growing visually is as essential a part of running a company as growing profits, clients and market share. Communication between the designer and the company throughout the process is key to a successful brand refresh. The biggest companies in the world have evolved their brand identity to keep up with all the changes in their respective markets.

Every industry and marketplace goes through changes. CBT Commercial has over 30 years of experience in the Savannah commercial real estate industry. Because of this longevity, the company has set a high standard within the real estate community. They foster relationships with entrepreneurs, new businesses and local leaders. We worked with CBT Commercial in order to adapt to these changes with a brand refresh to make sure that the brand is keeping pace with the environment.

Without rebranding and repositioning, competitors could have made advances on the client’s market share. One of the goals for this brand refresh was to adapt it to the current environment. For example, brands that get noticed in the online world are ones with a modern and strong visual brand identity. The previous CBT Commercial brand had an altogether too classic, almost dated feel. Because of analytics we knew a large number of our leads are digital. And of those, a growing number are from mobile devices. This made the decision to undergo a brand refresh especially relevant. We updated the corporate logo design and typography choosing a slab serif font that helps convey a structural feeling. A darker red and black were added to the color palette and updated brand elements, signage and social media.

Our experience with both new and traditional media gave us the necessary insight and confidence to come up with a brand image that engages the audience and reflects the goals of CBT Commercial.


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